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The Candle Shop

44 Sheep St, Skipton,

North Yorkshire, BD23 1HY

e.mail: info[at]homearomas.co.uk

tel: 01756 700190

Ashleigh & Burwood

Fragrance Oil

Fragrance Lamps

Wax Lyrical


Church Candle Range

Wood Wick

Crackling Candles (Medium)

Crackling Candles (Large)

Trilogy Candles (Medium)

Trilogy Candles (Large)

Yankee Candle

Jar Candles (Small)

Jar Candles (Medium)

Jar Candles (Large)

Tea Lights



Car Jars

Come and take a look around. If you are looking for a specific item, a gift maybe or if you have any special requirement we are always here to help.

Are you looking for home fragrance, decor, and candles?

At The Candle Shop, Skipton we stock a wide variety of scented, plain and decorative candles plus home fragrances including diffusers, room sprays and more.

Pop in to the Candle Shop, ‘phone or email us for details.

Our stock is always changing but if you’re looking for;

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